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The best and only app for getting around cities

Citymapper is just awesome. If you havent tried it, try it. (I rarely leave reviews but when something just works, it just works, and people should know.)

Very helpful and useful application

I love City Mapper, I used it everywhere in the world (I mean in some of the biggest cities): Paris, London, Dublin, Boston, New York. I gladly recommend this application for people who travel a lot by public transportation.

The best public transport travel app!!!

Citymapper - the best app for travel in public transports in Île-de-France. After keep on using other travel apps, i turned to this app and never turned back to other apps that i was using previously. Such a simple and elegant structure this app has! Thanks to the entire team of developers at Citymapper!!!

An upgrade?? Not.

That is not an upgrade. It now takes me twice as long to: - find out whether my subway line is running okay or not (scroll down a ton instead of just swipe right) - impossible to hide saved spots, makes scrolling even harder when youve got 5+ saved - maps are harder to access

Essential !!!

The best app to move around in Paris. Let you chose the best option between all existing to get you from point A to point B. Moreover, even give you tips on where to find the best entrance for the tube station, the best place to sit in the tube... just PHENOMENAL !!! Yes it can be improved, yes it will be improved, but come on, there is no match to this app in December 2016 !!! Even the native app from the different services are not that good !!!

An essential app

I cant see myself surviving in any city without this app anymore. I use it at home in São Paulo and when I travel. cant wait for it to cover the whole world.

Muito bom pratico!

Excelente app ele tras muitas opcoes de rotas.

I cant download the last version

I love the app, but I cant upgraded to the last version :(

The best app ever

Melhor aplicativo pra direcionamento do mundo!




This App is Awesome!!! Thanks :-)

Great App but why not in Munich?

Dear Citymapper team, your app is great and I tested it out in cities such as London. However, i cant give you any credit if its not available in Munich which is one of the largest growing metropolitan areas in Europe. Please change this!

HELP! The update bricked the app!

Ive updated, but now your app no longer works. Crashes on open. EVERY TIME.

Doesnt work offline

App seems good for modes of Trans and choosing times. Disappointed that I cant use it offline EVEN THO IT SAYS "AVAILABLE OFFLINE". I dont want to pay for data plan to get the info. I want to look up the route in advance, save it (which is possible) then call it up offline. App says "no connection. Try again?"

What a Great App

This is a well though off easy to use app for travel. I am amazed at its simplicity but at the same time offering some great features. I dont use google maps anymore. Great job guys.

Best copilot ever!

Fast, accurate, easy to use. Better than local STM app!

Something TTC related that actually works well.

Finally. The time are accurate, and the suggested routes saved me from being stranded due to sparse Sunday bus scheduling. Great app.

Worked like a charm :)

Used it in London, with family. I travel all over the world, and having bought an Apple Watch, thought would give it a go. It was perfect, giving step by step instructions on my watch, for sights and areas all over London. The watch really brings forward its primary function, of guiding you through a city.

Simply perfect

Hands down the best transit app in the store! Works flawlessly!!


This app is amazing. I wish I knew about it earlier in my life. It makes me happy.

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