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wonderful iteration

this application has been great and easy to use.

Excellent All-in-one App

I live in New York and used to have separate apps for the bus, subway, and commuter train. This one app gives me access to all of that information, including offline system maps, AND has Citibike, Uber, and other modes of transportation built in. I honestly couldnt have dreamed up a more elegant and comprehensive app than Citymapper. Their engineers are excellent and constantly making changes and updates. Im hard to please when it comes to transit, and I love this thing.

Dont leave home without it!

We used Citymapper on our visit to London. Transit, walking (and Uber or Lyft although we didnt use them.) Directions were spot on and include pointing you to the best entrances and exits from the Underground. Made using the iconic double-decker buses a breeze. I agree with other reviews that there is an it if a learning curve, take a look before you leave home. And yes, you can set a home address, not sure why some couldnt do that.

No more offline map

Great until they removed the offline subway map!!

Great for Paris!

Discovered Apple Maps is lacking transit in Paris, after trying to use a few other apps, I landed on this one. It was a life saver. Used it strictly to get to and from all the points of interest in Paris. Until Apple Maps incorporates Paris, use this!


Cant set a home address. Did they even test this?


Used it in NYC. It showed every detail required to navigate the citys subways. I never felt lost. User friendly. Great job.

Must have for a visit to NYC

It was easy for us to save money on transportation by using this app. And we had never been to New York before!


A really, really good and functional app. I would say the only shortcoming is, there is a lot to learn and find out. To use this app to its fullest you really need to learn some of its nuisances to get the most out of it. The learning curve is just a little confusing. A quick video by them to show how you should set up a days commute most efficiently would benefit all. Also in the video to show you what your other options are and why you may or may not want to use it. Probably the most confusing part is when you have to walk somewhere. A lot of work went into this and the company should be commended. Oh, and their updates are always worth reading!! Really, they are.

Excellent navigation

I used Citymapper in Paris for a week. It worked flawlessly for walking, metro, bus, and Uber. It didnt seem to be a data hog. Highly recommended.

The best commute app

This is the best commute app I even used. I live in NYC and I like the feature where it even tells you front or rear subway train to stay on in order to save time.

Where did the map go?

I really liked the app but Im missing the subway map on the third screen, accessible by swiping to the left. Where did it go?

Essential !!!

The best app to move around in Paris. Let you chose the best option between all existing to get you from point A to point B. Moreover, even give you tips on where to find the best entrance for the tube station, the best place to sit in the tube... just PHENOMENAL !!! Yes it can be improved, yes it will be improved, but come on, there is no match to this app in December 2016 !!! Even the native app from the different services are not that good !!!

An upgrade?? Not.

That is not an upgrade. It now takes me twice as long to: - find out whether my subway line is running okay or not (scroll down a ton instead of just swipe right) - impossible to hide saved spots, makes scrolling even harder when youve got 5+ saved - maps are harder to access

Latest update removed basic going-home functionality

The latest update notes say you can never go home again. Going home was important part of apps functionality 4 me—reverse stupid change soon plz! otherwise, 5 stars: the mixed mode transport stuff, and the UI in general, are best in class, easily besting the efforts of bajillion dollar companies like GOOG and AAPL. Its an app you can tell was made with love by people who actually live in and understand cities—have a real stadtgefühl, so to speak. Its just a severe problem that I cant use it to get home.

HELP! The update bricked the app!

Ive updated, but now your app no longer works. Crashes on open. EVERY TIME.

No more complication on Apple Watch after update

Lost complication functionality after most recent update. Initially complication wasnt updating. Then complication was no longer available as an option when customizing Watch face. Once fixed Ill give 5 stars

The best public transport travel app!!!

Citymapper - the best app for travel in public transports in Île-de-France. After keep on using other travel apps, i turned to this app and never turned back to other apps that i was using previously. Such a simple and elegant structure this app has! Thanks to the entire team of developers at Citymapper!!!

LOVE this app

This one of the few apps I use every single day. I live in NYC and this is amazing -- the estimated times of arrival are spot on and if you have a friend who doesnt trust you anymore to be on time (because, well, youve never done this before) you can "share" your trip with them. The program will text (or email, or FB message, or whatever you want) a link so the recipient can follow you live from their browser, no matter what type of device they use, without installing a thing. I sometimes use that feature when traveling home late at night just so my spouse can keep tabs on me during my trip -- a little extra piece of mind for me and for her. Ive used this app in DC as well and it also worked flawlessly. I also love that you can tell it when you want to arrive on some future date, and it will tell you when to leave -- great for estimating what time youll have to leave tomorrow for that party, say. You can save trips to the home page of the app and they are available to you offline, a lifesaver. When connected, though, it tracks anything and everything in real time! If I click on the step of the trip involving a bus, for example, it will show me the route and little moving bus icons show me exactly where all the upcoming buses are. For NYC subway, it does tell you what part of the train to get on, but its not very exact. Hey -- it cant do EVERYTHING perfectly! So, I still use Exit Strategy for that, but otherwise this app has replaced every other NYC travel app I own.

Bring it to the twin cities

I used to use this all the time in San Francisco and I loved it!! Now I live in Minneapolis and I have to rely on vastly inferior apps to get around because you dont cover the twin cities! Id give it 5 stars, but the areas that the app covers are so limited!!!

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