Citymapper Transit Navigation 앱 리뷰

Made our NYC trip so much more enjoyable!!!

This app made our trip to NYC so enjoyable because we did not have to be worried about getting lost. We were able to do so much more because we spent less time trying to navigate to the next thing we wanted to see. It made our first time using the NY subway system a breeze. So glad we saw it suggested on a travel blog.

Great app, but...

Using is regularly... but one feature all map apps has this one doesn’t is to be able to rotate the map. Very annoying to use

Indispensable for getting around the city

I love this app! Combined with Exit Strategy, I can efficiently get anywhere, whether it’s a neighborhood I know well or one I’ve never been to. I use it all the time. The direction cone is brilliant and, among its other features and flawless data integration, puts it head and shoulders above any other program.

Love , love

I really am loving this app , very convenient. It tells you so much about the subway . I am just amazed at how much thought they put in this app .


This is a decent iOS app but the watch app leaves much to be desired. It takes an eternity to launch so if you thought that you could just use the complication to look up transit times, think again. Yeah of your bag because the train/bus will likely show up before the app finally loads up properly; it frequently gets stuck on the Citymapper loading screen. Check out Moovit instead. They might not have the nice interface or handy shortcuts (favorites) that Citymapper has but at least it works from the get go.

Awesome app

Perfect routing and timetables. Makes commuting fun and easy.

live times?

where in the hell is it??? and even without it, the app always shows wrong times and i miss my bus! deleted

Great idea but bad routing

I tried the app from a location in New Jersey to midtown Manhattan. Because of the bizarre route it chose, the projected time was over twice as long as it takes me on average to do the trip every day, including a very strange subway/walking combo that’s totally unnecessary. It’s hard to trust the app for trips I haven’t taken before if it is so far off from the logically fastest route on the one I take every day.

Buggy Update Renders App Useless

The update to Version 7.2 on my iPhone 8 Plus crashes as it opens and means the app is functionally useless. Disappointed my weekend public transit plans are made needlessly difficult.


Used Citymapper in Paris and London and found it to be incredibly useful. Strongly recommend, saved us much time and provided us with great confidence when traveling in these cities.

I experienced NYC because of this app

This app is amazing. I was intimidated by the NYC subway before my vacation, but with this app, I was able to easily navigate the city. Thank you!

Excellent, easy to use

This app is so intuitive. It is the best, from the "get me somewhere" start to the list of all the options, the step-by-step directions with bus arrival times, to saving a route offline. I LOVE it.

A lifesaver!

I have no sense of direction. Thanks to Citymapper I’m no longer embarrassed or late. HIGHLY recommend!

good app

patch notes often bring me joy

Explain what’s being updated. Why is that so difficult for you?

What’s with the sarcasm? Why not be open and up-front about update notes? The snideness in the part of so many app providers (including you guys) is arrogant. Just tell us what you’re changing. What’s so hard about that? Your design team had to do it internally already. Don’t work so hard at being such jerks.

Update failed

After this failed update the app isn’t working

So much better than Google maps

This map is so much better than Google maps when it comes to public transportation, this is my go to when I’m in NYC.

Best navigation app for NYC!

Been using it for over a year now, best decision I ever made.

I like this app but the latest update notes are strange

I like the app but I don’t trust update notes that don’t say anything. The last update states “...” what does that mean? What did you change? Please inform us.

My first 5🌟 review for a well deserved, well served APP

CITYMAPPER, YOU DESERVE 10🌟s This is the best all around transportation app I’ve used. I have tried and deleted at least four others. CITYMAPPER’s Fast. Accurate. Flexible. User-friendly. Easy to read graphics / Easy to understand language. And it’s also FUN! Bravo! Congratulations! Excellent! Kudos! & THANK YOU CITYMAPPER!!!


Love this app, and truly would be lost in NYC without it; however, it has stranded me many a time by telling me to go to a train that doesn’t exist. Believe me, I know the MTA is a joke, but please please please, if possible, integrate the MTA service announcements and cancellations (the posters in stations) into the directions so I can at least not go to the entirely wrong subway stop. K thaaaanks love ya!

Couldn’t have done it without you

Great trip in Paris due to the easy use of this app.

Like having a local in your pocket

Fantastic experience with this so far. Everything has been very reliable and up to date so I didn’t have to wonder where my bus or train or subway was. Directions are easy to follow and accurate, and it seamlessly helps you between different forms of transit. I love that it shows you estimated time of travel for each method it suggests. I do wish it was more offline compatible for if I didn’t have reliable cell service. That’s the only thing I would change though. So happy to have found this app! Made navigating New York as easy as it can be.


I am studying abroad, and without this app I would never be able to find my way in this new city! I love the offline feature because it’s very helpful since I do not have strong wireless connection here. It was a bit hard to understand at first, and a tutorial/tips would have been helpful, but after I got the hang of it I will never turn back! Love this app!!

No more missing stops!!!! Want Amtrak integration

Downloaded it for the reminders to get off at a stop. This works out great! It gave me a warning one stop out and at my stop! Estimates were accurate. Wish list: Amtrak schedules (for those mixed in with local train lines) PRTC integration for Washington DC area Option to add personal car use instead of selecting Lyft or Uber

Horrible app

This app used to be good and now for some reason the bus and train times are not accurate at all... I would suggest a different app for your transit for sure!


This app is very clear and easy to understand! I love how simple it is and also the many options if gives! You can choose from train, metro, bus, walking and so on. I also have never been lost using it and always end up at my destination. 😁✌🏼


This is the best travel app!! Not only it gives you the live info on travel times/routes, you can also set time and date of travel. Haven’t tried the teleport or jet pack routes yet, but love that it’s an option!!

Feel confident with this app!

As a female solo traveler, this app definitely saved my life while traveling in NYC! If you are ever traveling in New York City, I highly suggest the Citymapper app. I’m from an area in the South where public transportation is simply an idea not a reality. I was very nervous about navigating NYC alone using public transit. This app was extremely helpful, and I managed to travel all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, Roosevelt Island, and parts of New Jersey without getting lost (not even once)! I mainly used the app to navigate the subway system. This app helped me feel safe and confident while traveling alone!! I cannot speak highly enough of this app!! Thank you so much, Citymapper!!!!

Best App

I love Citymappers. No matter what city you’re in you can get around easily and feel comfortable doing so! Life changer!

The Perfect Navigation App

LOVE citymapper. It's easy to use, has all the information you need, multiple options for every kind of trip, has offline maps for when you're underground, even ferry options! I recommend the app to all my friends, people who've lived here in NYC for years and new arrivals. The train arrival times are accurate 90% of the time (and who could ask for more when you're dealing with the MTA) and the app also gives me options to get places that I hadn't considered that will be faster than my original plan. Highly recommend.

Not functional

Difficult to use. Does not save destinations. Does not update times frequently and doesn’t show when the last time train arrival estimates were updated. Always tries to sent me to the closest station even though it is in the opposite direction I am traveling and thus slower. Not accurate and a waste of time.

Best one so far

Pretty decent app. Few crashes here and there. Delays in refreshing content sometimes, but overall accurate. Just wish it had a pre-notification of when the bus/train would arrive. ie “5 minutes or 2 minutes til bus gets to your stop!” ...I think it only does that if you put in a “get me somewhere schedule” but I’m just checking for next available bus/train times.

Not really useful in most metro areas

The app sounds awesome in theory but honestly it doesn’t serve enough metro areas to be relevant or useful . You’d be much better served using the Transit App which has a much larger coverage area.

Directions all around

Excellent app very useful

This is the best app!

Citymapper is the best transit guide there is. I have used it extensively in DC/Baltimore and London and it has helped me navigate these cities with ease. It has saved me time and money —which is the best thing about this app. I know exactly how I can get to my destination in the cheapest or fastest way possible. The transit arrivals times are very accurate, too. Just today I was at the DC metro in Largo and it said train will arrive at 8:35 am and it sure did arrive at that time. I will never travel without Citymapper again.

Very Handy

Great for getting around the cities where they have support. Hoping the multimodal gets better, although using the walking routes for biking tends to work alright, once you find out where the real bike paths are, it’s easy to cut down the transit times a little.

Best Transit App Available

I’ve lived in London, New York, Vancouver, and Singapore, and this app is hands-down the best way to get around on public transit or as a pedestrian wherever you live. The developers are responsive and the app continues to gain refinements despite being in spectacular shape already. Highly recommended!

Needs an update

App is offline 80% of the time even when I have service. But when it works this app is great.

Best ever!

Have had this app since 2015 and it just keeps getting better!! Absolute lifesaver in NYC metro area! I can’t say enough!


please add custom commute time hours for notifications

I Don’t Review Apps

I don’t review apps. Ever. Unless I have to. Until now. CitiMapper is the single greatest app for getting around a city you do not know. I used it in New York recently and was just stunned. You have to use it to believe it. Tell it where you want to go and it gives you several options for transportation then tells you step by step what to do. With a map to guide you as you go. “Head to the 49th street subway station. Buy a ticket. Go to the platform that says uptown. Etc.” Then it tells you how long until the next train is coming. Updates you for each stop on the train. It really is amazing. Awesome! I have told ten friends about this app already. A must have!

Hands down best navigation app in NYC

Completely amazing.

Must have travel app for London

This app was indispensable and such an improvement over just using google maps. Don’t try to navigate the city without it.

Need to fix languages

I used this to travel around Paris and the service is great, but it's pretty much useless if there are important alerts for certain metro lines because all the words are in French. Please add an option to change languages.

Needs improvement

It’s great when it works, but goes offline too often to be reliable. Please correct this glitch and I’ll give it 5 stars.

Best Navigation App for NYC

I live in NYC, and this app has been by far the best in helping me get where I need to go. When I first moved here, understanding the city’s transportation was difficult. But Citymapper makes it so easy! Not only have I learned the transportation system while using it, I also am able to keep up in real-time with trains and buses. The software is outstanding, and it’s super easy to use. There are so many transportation apps out there, so you have to find what works for you. My suggest, try them all! See what fits with your schedule and life, and I’m sure you’ll understand why Citymapper is the way to go. :)

Limited number of cities

Good however it has a limited cities. Hope you start to add cities from Saudi Arabia

Travel to Paris

Best app ever. My wife and traveled to Paris for one week and we used this app all the time. Best experience. It will guide from point A to point B with all the options (walking, bus, metro, Uber and etc). Make sure you have connection to Wifi for searching the directions. It will keep the directions and guide you offline. You need to have internet if you want to get a real time update from the app. Thanks a lot


Makes navigating around NYC’s delayed and under-construction subways too simple.

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