Citymapper Transit Navigation 앱 리뷰

Still NO support for San Diego?

San Diego is one of the biggest metro areas in California and yet there is no support for it? What’s going on here???

Calendar integration

Great app but lacking one of the most important features Calendar integration. I want Citymapper to take me to the meeting I set location for a reason ! Thanks.

SFO Commuter

Love this app! By far the best app for tracking BART. I’ve tested it against other apps and even BART’s own website planner... This app is MUCH faster and more accurate! The Apple Watch app is great and an extremely effective feature! Other pluses are being able to save addresses for quick commute options, saving prefered and/or nearby stations if you are traveling, etc. Big thanks to the developers!

Love this app. God send in Europe

I travel quite a bit to Europe. This app does a phenomenal job with helping me get from a to b. Especially in Europe where public transport is the way to go. It has helped me immeasurably. This my go to app.

Worked great in Milan

I don’t how I would have around Milan without this app, best all with local transits maps that I could find! Sooo glad I downloaded it before my Italy trip, hope they add more cities soon!

My favorite directions app!

My favorite directions app!

Really great navigation app, but with annoying features

I love this app both in Chicago and in London, it makes getting around really easy with super easy-to-follow direction. The cons are extra, unnecessary features like “trip receipts” that make the app skip around so I push wrong buttons while it loads a “you made it!” message and my “trip receipt” that I have absolutely no use for. It sounds petty but it gets really frustrating if I’m in a hurry, want to immediately check how close the bus is, or am in a sketchy part of town and don’t want to be looking down at my phone too long. I’d love a simpler version/update without unneeded personality that hinders performance.

Best how do I get there app for New York City

If you're planning on visiting New York City download this app. Best advice for many transportation services. I use it frequently to plan getting here to there all the time. It also includes travel time for various methods, even walking.

Bring back the old update

I use to be able to track buses and plan out trips much easier with the other update and now I can’t even find where my next bus is so I ended up missing it. Please bring back the old update please :)

Fantastic App

I used this app to navigate all over London. I would literally have been lost without it. It took me a while to realize the little headlight was pointing me in the direction I should be headed, and a couple of times I had to restart the app to get it going properly, but that was a minor inconvenience. This app let me figure out which mode of transportation (or combination of modes) I should take to get to my destination and it let me factor in how much walking I was willing to do. Super app.

Limited Cities

This app is worthless if you are not in one of its very limited number of cities.

Such a useful app

I use this app all the time. And regularly recommend it to others. I live in Washington DC and use it here, but have also used it in London, Milan, San Francisco, even way out on Long Island. It’s great. Get it.


A must have app Sooo helpfullll looove it ❤️

Love this app!

I’ve used this in Chicago and NYC and it has yet to let me down!

Useful but a bit complicated

Somewhat confusing app but useful. Often feels like it takes way too many taps to get what I want. The interface for live “go” trip mode is especially confusing. It’s often hard to tell if I’m currently tracking a live trip or not (which has battery implications). Also I wish there were options for more walking. For example, I’m willing to walk half an hour rather than transferring between 3 buses, but the routing algorithm seems to be very biased against excessive walking. I understand everyone has their limits, but ideally this would be configurable.

5stars for Paris!

We tried a bunch of apps to navigate Paris and this was my favorite! We will use it again if we are in a city where it’s available!

Love this app

City mapper has become my favorite app for commuting around NYC. It finds me accurate and efficient travel info for any destination around town. The app is easy to use and user friendly. I even used it on a recent trip in Pennsylvania. It’s a life saver!

Super useful! Easily navigate your commute

Just moved to Singapore and this app has really been my lifesaver. Gives many options, especially “heat safe” ones to minimize exposure under the hot sun and stifling humidity. Even includes walking shortcuts and pathways that google maps can’t pick up.

If only the Apple Watch app would work.

Living in NYC this app is a must for my everyday commute. If only the Apple Watch app would actually work and sync properly with the iPhone, I’d give this app 5 stars. Nonetheless, this app is a must if you rely on public transportation on your everyday commute. Thanks for this great app.

Needs improvement

Directions often confusing

Impressive, but just ok

Needs to be streamlined and simplified or at least allow user to adjust some parts of the interface. I don’t need to have Lyft and Uber or all the options up front taking up screen real estate. I wanted to use the app predominantly with my AppleWatch. It’s not bad, but doesn’t communicate quickly enough to be really useful although it could possibly be an AppleWatch shortcoming.

Wrong information

Follows the instructions I was given. Got off the stop I was told to leave from. Then it tells me my destination is not at all where it was supposed to be? Not cool.

Great for traveling

I just took a trip from the states to London, Brussels, and Paris. I used this app everyday to take the metro and bus at each location. I never would have been able to visit so many sites without this app. It knew where and what time each bus would arrive. This is the one must have app if you plan to travel.

No good at all

Don't like how it's set up


Phenomenal app!

Great App

Made getting around New York a breeze! The integrated walking, subway, PATH, and bus directions were awesome.

Must have app in New York!

Since New York subway system is broken, you really need a reliable app to inform you of unexpected delays and constructions. City mapper can definitely save your day!

Best transit map!

I’ve found Citymapper to be the most accurate for transit times. It’s only gotten better now that it supports bike/scooter information.

One of my most recommended apps

I love this app so much. It saves me time. It thinks for me. It even tells me when to get off my train.

Good, but has a big flaw

I usually love this app. It stays up to date and gives me pretty detailed and accurate information. But I do have a major issue with it. I’ll check the app when I’m leaving for the subway fairly often to plan on arriving at the time they tell me is accurate for the subway. Fairly often, the time will be incorrect, and the train will arrive much earlier than listed, so I miss my train, which is incredibly frustrating. I understand that things change, but when I check the app 10 minutes before I leave seeing a certain time, and walk up seeing that the app was incorrect, it gets old.

Intuitive, easy to use

Recommended by intrepid New Yorkers. I used Citymapper during a visit with Dutch friends and it saved us a lot of time getting around with the subway. Accurate. Not intimidated at all.

Great integration

This is the ultimate travel planner with answers to all your questions: how do I go, how much time (real time!), which transport options do I have. The last thing to integrate is the weather...😉

Best, all time favorite

This is my favorite app! I have referred this app to countless people and taught my teenage son to use it. It is informative, witty & most importantly, always on point!

Southern girl able to navigate NYC

App helped a small town girl navigate the subway in NYC! We knew exactly where to enter and exit the subway and the fastest track! We were always on the right train with the shortest amount of travel time! Excellent!!

Super useful

I’ve been using it around Hong Kong and am yet to find something wrong with this app. It offers many alternatives for traveling using public transportation, driving and will even hail an Uber (Uber also needed to start the trip). Great job and keep adding more cities (hint: Atlanta!)

Simply awesome.

I am app-averse and very good with directions. But this app shows the power of technology. Incredible. Get it.

Most important app I have

I live in San Francisco and use public transit every day (to get to work, run errands, shop, etc.). Citymapper is crucial to doing that. I always recommend it to tourists I see fumbling with maps and transit schedules. Really glad it’s free but would happily pay for it!

Navigate like a local

I used this app in NYC and Tokyo and I have never gotten lost. It gives the best routes, tells you when the train will arrive, and it gives you the number of stops and specific exit to use. Amazing and a must have!!! It makes transit in any large commuting city easy like you’re a local.

If you are traveling in a large city without a car, you need this

I travelled with my wife and 3 year old son to Paris for the first time, and read about Citymapper on a travel website before we got there. Citymapper was easy to use (even has some built in intelligence tools to make finding addresses fast) and was accurate with its train/metro lines and times. I would use this app if it is available in any major city. My only request would be for the app to highlight areas (streets or districts) that out-of-towners should not walk through for safety reasons.

I know it sounds dramatic but this app is lifechanging

I moved to a big city in another country a year ago and the official public transportation app for that city was horrible. Citymapper saves me so much time and effort, giving me multiple options for routes (like if I want to walk less or if I’m rushed for time and don’t want to transfer, etc.) and always updating me on times and delays. It’s an all-in-one app and even though I’m familiar with the city now, I use it daily for train and bus times because it’s so reliable. 10/10 I would legit be a brand rep if I could, that’s how much I love this app.

Promising but not user friendly

Cannot find settings so cannot even slightly adjust settings


This app is everything I’ve been waiting for in my city, and I’ve heard great things about using it to visit other cities. I’m so happy to finally have a one-stop app for buses, metro, walking, biking and bikeshare comparisons. This app consolidates so much data beautifully.

The. Best. Hands. Down.

We spent eight days in NYC recently. It wasn’t my first or second time in the city, but it had been awhile since I’ve used the NYC subway. It has become a “hot mess”....literally. I’m so grateful we found this app early enough to actually enjoy our trip rather than spend hours walking aimlessly around with a confused google map and the local transit map. This app reports shut downs and delays much faster than the local transit app and its user friendly platform makes it extremely easy for even a first time visitor to efficiently get around.


I survived visiting London, and Paris because of this app!

Great for people who are new to Chicago

This app helped me so much when I first moved to Chicago. Never got lost or misdirected while using this app. I recommend 👍🏼


This app made traveling around NYC a breeze. Just do whatever it tells you and get to your destination with the ease of a local.

Great app, but would love custom notification times

I absolutely love this app! Has saved my life and commute on multiple occasions. Could you add a feature to customize the times of notifications? The commute notifications aren’t always helpful if you commute earlier in the day (my commute starts at 7am so getting a notification about a delay at 7 isn’t helpful because I can’t leave earlier at that point). Thanks!

London, Los Angeles, Milan, oh my!

I absolutely love City Mapper and it’s features. Very easy to use, accurate, and FUN! Additionally, I admire the company for not only creating this app, but using the found data to creat a tangible solution. For example, in London, they created a bus system which ran in parts of the town there was high demand but the tube system missed. Furthermore, each big city has its own unique transit system and City Mapper puts all of the information is an easy-to-use platform every time. If you’re travelling between big cities or live in one, this app is important to have!

Compare to other apps

This app is ok but seems a bit crowded - too much info. More useful than google maps, but so far I like MYmta better for getting around New York.

Great travel app

My family and I traveled Europe (Amsterdam Rome Paris London) and this app was great. We downloaded a few other apps along with this one but w never used the others, this provided everything we needed to navigate all travel options between airports, rails, metros, buses, etc. This app saved us time and allowed us to be efficient and enjoy our vacation.

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