Citymapper Transit Navigation 앱 리뷰

A necessity for anybody in a city with major transportation

Living in Ny, this app is a lifesaver. It's also my sidekick wherever I travel (given the location has a robust transportation system). 5+ stars.

Always Working!

For someone who had never been on the subway, this app was a great an easy way to learn the city map and navigate to places on time!

Useless, broken app

Doesn't work for Dallas, TX, and even though there is a button to "vote for my city", this button does NOTHING. The only major US cities thst seem to show up are the "typical" ones like Los Angeles and Chicago - even though the Dallas-Fort Worth Area is nearly the size of Chicago (in population) and LARGER than Chicago or LA (in square miles). Don't waste your time with this app.

Great app; Apple Watch companion app not working

Good news: This is probably the best commuting app I’ve seen yet. Very comprehensive and easy to use. The iPhone version is something I use regularly. Bad news: the Watch app used to be just as good; now, it basically doesn’t do anything after the last update. Overall, it’s really good. Once the Watch app gets fixed, this is a five star.

Great app!

Definitely recommending Citymapper to my friends & family. Very very useful!

Transit users unite

This app is so good it makes even public transit in LA tolerable.

My favorite NYC navigation tool

Citymapper is wonderful! It shows you up to four different ways of getting to your destination at a time. The layout is clean. Spend a little time with it and make sure that the preferences are maximized to your needs. I use this every day. Thanks!

Apple Watch app is lacking

I only wish the Apple Watch app had complications that showed when the next bus is coming and how many stops are left in the trip.



Great for travelers!

This app was a real time and money saver when I went to London, Copenhagen and Berlin. Would recommend to anyone visiting a big city.

Very useful app when traveling to New York

The New York transit system is an amazing array of interlinking modes of transportation. Amazing that you can get just about anywhere for very inexpensive price. With this app, just tell it where you want to go, and it will give you several options from walking, cycling or public transit. Metro stations are marked. Also personal icon denotes which way you are facing, so you can ensure you are headed in the right direction. Good for multiple cities. Very intuitive, even for the less technical older generation.

This is awesome

The app is near perfect for my geography and just holding back five stars because it has all NJ things under NYC, and this Could be confusing for some.

Best transportation app

Amazing, Wish it was available in more cities worldwide.

Quite possibly the greatest commuter app in the AppStore

No more words necessary… this app has literally everything needed for the best commute, whether you’re tourist or local. Interface is friendly, usable, enjoyable, and so comprehensive. It covers pricing, time, travel scheduling, etc. and all combinations of travel modes.

Convenient & Awesome

Convenient & Awesome

New Yorker Must-have app!

I cant leave my apartment without this app!!! I always calculate my ETD to ETA and Citymapper never failed me. From riding an uber, bus, subway, ferry or simply walking around this app perfectly give u inch by inch direction / perfect time of arrival. You’ll never be late again!!! I once left my phone and my time getting around was affected by an hour late. This app gives u the fastest way to arrive to your destination. And if you’re budgeting - you can take the cheapest ride possible. A MUST HAVE App indeed!

please add iran!

please add iran

The best

This app is absolutely the best tool you could ever have if trying to navigate Seattle. Seattle has the most confusing bus lines map and CityMapper makes it easy for a newbie to figure the bus lines & light rail out. Not to mention other options and a rain-safe option (a must in Seattle).

This app is like having a super power in your pocket

This app is hands down without question the best thing for a commuter since the invention of transit cards! My commute consists of the following; personal vehicle> bus>ferry>bus>shuttle!!! Before this app I had to wrangle 2-4 apps all with varying degrees of reliability to get this mess figured out if I was late or if I was coming home from a different part of the city. Now all I need is ONE!!! I couldn’t be more happy, the interface is amazing and the data provided has been 100% accurate for me everyday. All I can say is keep up the great work and I share this app with everyone I meet since I travel frequently for work and I look forward to this app taking on more cities!

Nice app. Responsive developer.

The app is pretty good. It’s a toss up on whether I use this or Transit, depending on what city I’m in. The developers appear to be constantly improving it. Impressively, the developers appear to have acted on my earlier review that criticized their cutesy, way-too-long app announcements, now providing instead a TL;DR summary of every app update. Kudos.

City Mapper

CityMapper is one of the two "big" transit apps (the other being Transit), and easily the one with the most charm. Of the things it gets right, the real time arrival of public transportation is spot on. The indicators of whether you want to get on the front, middle, or back are also insanely useful. That said, I really wish the "Multimodal labs" gave an option to complete your turn off bike and car sharing, as I simply don't want to see it. There used to be an option to turn it off that went away and left "lite" as the least intrusive option where it feels like Uber is throwing money at the developers to force users to see it. While I like CityMapper's style more, its a lot easier/quicker to get arrival times in Transit, so I keep going back to that app as my main choice. If nothing else, at least the AR button is finally hidden away to the settings and not obscuring the main map.

Fantastic travel app

Used this app extensively on a recent trip. It worked almost flawlessly to help us navigate in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Just wonderful!

just wonderful

Since I have this app I can say I use it every day and it works perfectly for me. It tells in real time the bus, the local train, the metro, the tram and also helps you to get somewhere following you step by step. if you use public transportation this app is just a must.

Finally a bus and metro map that works for Los Angeles!

Gotta make it more findable as an app in the AppStore though! It doesn’t appear in the top 10 when you search bus maps.

Best app ever!

If I got a referral credit for this app, I’d be rich. It’s so user friendly and actually makes navigating fun. I also trust the predictions 100%. This app will keep you sane while the MTA figures out its issues.


Why have a transit app that does international cities when a huge city like Denver, Colorado isn’t included? It can’t be that hard to add all the major cities across the US...or even capital cities or ones where tourists go every year. I was so excited to have an app for my watch to use in Denver until I opened the app and searched for Denver and it wasn’t there. This app is useless to me.

Excellent, super reliable

I love CityMapper, use it all the one for trips I know like the back of my hand, and still it adds value or saves me time. Way better than other apps for trips within NYC. Love it.


Great for NYC Bike Share and general transport

Best transportation app out there.

All of the transportation info I need for my city, always accurate, gets better with every update.

Want to love this app

Doesn't support South Florida Miami-Dade Transit Tri-Rail Broward county Transit West Palm Beach

Best app ever

The best app ever seen Very useful app I can move around without it

Altered address

I love this app. Easy and convenient. However, recently it changes the address I enter. It removes some of the number after I move to the next screen. Example 125-75 Main Street becomes 25-75 Main Street or just 75 Main Street. Quite annoying.

Great app for travelers

With this app you can never get lost trying to take the bus or any public transportation. I love how easy it is to use and how it tells you when to get off when you have input the address you need to go. Excellent job

Not in Tokyo

If you are in Tokyo I will suggest you still use google map. Here they only give out JR and Tokyo Metro these two companies’ information, while Tokyo has other companies such as Tokyu and Keio. Hope they will update the information soon! Also, Citymapper on Apple Watch doesn’t work in Tokyo:/

I love this app!

I use this app constantly where I live (NYC). But this app really made me swoon when I spent 10 days in London. I could find all my places of interest. Even better, I could just wander until I got tired and then use the app to easily figure out the best way back to my vacation flat. Thank you, City Mapper!!

A must if you’re traveling to their cities!

I can get lost in my hometown so when I went to London, I was terrified that I’d spend the whole time lost. This app was fantastic. When we went to Paris too, I was so pleased that this app had multiple cities (I hadn’t realized it before.).

Not for New York

New Yorkers beware: This app doesn’t know about planned work and suggest subway lines that aren’t actually running. Better to stick with Google for accurate transit info.

Just Amazing

Great App!!

My new must have travel app

My kids and I went to London over holidays and relied on this app to get us around. Simple to use and never got lost whether walking, taking the tube or the bus. A must have for any traveler.

Great for navigating public transport

Since moving to a metropolitan area with solid public transportation options, I found myself frustrated with Google Maps’ limited functionality when navigating the city. So I downloaded several different apps that purportedly excelled in that particular area. Citymapper is the only one that I continue to use on a regular basis. A couple key features (but certainly not all of them: It provides important alerts about the bus/train lines I use frequently, lets me know how long until the next departure, and can show every station/stop in the vicinity (with excellent filters). It even tells me which metro exit to use in order to get me closer to my destination. Plus, there’s almost no learning curve. So if you’re visiting an unfamiliar city and don’t plan on driving, I’d highly recommend checking it out. I still use Google Maps for driving directions, but Citymapper wins for everything else.

This app is never useful...

Always crashes or gives inaccurate directions

Great when watch is connected to phone

On watchOS 4 and Series 3 LTE, the app does not search for directions independent of the phone.

Just perfect

Everything you need to know about getting to your destination. Very nice details: - which part of the train to board - which exit from the station to take - what the destination looks like (telescope)

Great when it doesn’t get corrupted killed battery

This is a good app when it works. Twice the app got corrupted and kept crashing. Also it kills your battery. If they can fix those two things I’d give it 5 stars.

Doesn’t have my city

Thought this would be a cool app however it doesn’t have my city. So I will have to delete it.


Citymapper is my navigator, my constant companion. If you drive, stop: take mass transit. And if you already use transit — make sure to try this app!

Frustrating App

I would have LOVED this app while I was in Paris last week. However, it constantly crashed, drained my battery and took forever to load. It worked great in the hotel on wi-fi, but was worthless on the street where I needed it! Sooo disappointed!

Slow to update, can’t plan ahead

This app doesn’t seem to be very good at getting updates for anticipated service changes. Like if a station is slated for weekend track-work and you try to plan your trip ahead of time it won’t be reflected in the route it maps out. I always have to double-check on the MTA’s website. So the data is out there, but I don’t know why City Mapper doesn’t reflect it until the last minute. I’ve now been stranded/messed up by this twice. Getting rid of the app now.

Bus schedule is broken

No longer shows sf Bay Area busses after update. Tried reinstalling but even the website has the issue.

LA Issues

The app isn't linking up to the transit times on metro bus or train well anymore. Also long term bus rerouting isn't noted. It might be LA Metro so I'm only kicking down 1 star. I'm sad. Maybe I'll try again in a few months? Back to Google Maps for me. I did like the creative routing ideas though.

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