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Great for HK

Contains minibus details for HK, super useful

A lifesaver!

I have no sense of direction. Thanks to Citymapper I’m no longer embarrassed or late. HIGHLY recommend!

Must Have App for Big Cities

Best iPhone app I’ve ever used by far.

Amazing App!

My daughter and I decided to spend the day in New York City and found this app to be absolutely AMAZING! It was a huge time saver and we never got lost. For a person who can be directionally challenged this one is certainly a winner!


Great app I love it

Mrs Kitty

Tracks Hong Kong only

I love this app!

This is a great app for those who are directionally challenged and would get lost in their own backyard. I love the fact that there is a feature that signals you when it’s time to get off at your stop. I never go anywhere without using Citymapper! It’s also great that the app gives you at least 5 different ways to get anywhere and it includes all modes of transportation. The walking feature is great because it has a blue dot that lets you know if your walking in the right direction or not. Since using this app I’ve never gotten lost and I usually get to my destination faster than the app estimates. This is an essential app for those who travel regularly.

Very useful

Effective, details that make you think ahead of time..! Easy to use..! Great.

Saved my life

I went to NYC for the first time and was nervous to use the subway. With this app I never got lost and times were very accurate. The only downside was that it wouldn't notify when trains were closed, but overall great app

Missing cities

Missing a lot of big cities

App crashing

App now crashes on iPhoneX every time it’s opened. No updates, no notices and no way to get support.

Great app

Extremely useful and easy to use! Totally recommend!

Good app for transit, needs work on rideshare

Gets me to work and back. Timing is +/- 5min or so, thus I need to be early at the stops. Rideshare however, keeps defaulting to UberX with Car seat option for whatever reason, which usually doubles the price. Regular UberX or UberPool options are not available.

Best travel app ever

Citymapper never felt me down. Very reliable time info.


Great potential to be a great app, but needs more development and feed back from the users. Good luck!

Search on Watch app???

where's the ability to dictate a new destination search? kinda defeats the point of having a watch app if i need to first set locations as 'saved places' on the phone

Can’t keep up with the NYC MTA

This is an NYC specific complaint and the only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars. When shows service changes, especially skipping stops in one direction, Citymapper will show this info under the “Lines” section...and then often give directions as though there was no service change, so that I have to manually change the directions based on info also provided by the app.

Elegantly designed

I don't use Apple maps anymore. A must have for every New Yorker. 5 stars!

Fun directions

A good sense of humor and clever interface. It doesn't suggest the express train option of you start at a local station but the suggestion of where in the train to boards usually spot on. Now for a multi stop routing option that can be saved to use again.

update ruined it

i use this to get everywhere and now as soon as i open it the app crashes ever since i updated it. thanks.

I would be lost without it!

We used this app to get all around London on our honeymoon (We’re from Los Angeles where we only drive our cars). It made everything INCREDIBLY easy to navigate. We used buses, the underground/overground and the National rail. I can’t think of an easier way to get around an unknown city.


I am currently in Paris and have used this app for two days now. It is absolutely amazing, it finds the correct Metro, with options for different stations. I love the features, very helpful. Thank you.

Invaluable for tourists

We found this app to be *invaluable* when traveling around the London area on vacation. I don't think we would have been able to navigate the bus system on our own. (We exclusively used the Underground on our last trip.) There were two minor quirks that bugged me. include that the "flashlight" (showing the direction you are facing) was sometimes wrong when we first got off the Tube. It's possible that GPS isn't as reliable in downtown London with all of the highrises. The other issue is that the walking speeds were overestimated - we tended to arrive early, but it could be that we walk fast. Being early isn't an issue. :-) I highly recommend this app for traveling in London. I would use a different app if I were driving around town, but this is the easiest I've seen for navigating public transit. I have not tried it in other cities yet, but plan to on my next trip.

My favorite App for public transit

Works amazing in NY

First time user

Used this to get from Oakland to somewhere in San Francisco. It really was a treat to use. Please make it available in more places!!

add iran pls

hello dear friend please add iran maps

My personal guide to London

I cannot day enough about this app! Complete newby to London and I can navigate the city like a local. Ability to set my hotel as “home” makes sure I’m never lost. Great job!

Watch app doesn’t work

App isn’t syncing on my Apple Watch, at all. What’s the point of offering a Watch app if it won’t work? I cannot search for anything. I love the phone app. Fix Watch! I installed and deleted and reinstalled - no change.

iMessage App doesn’t load anymore

It used to work correctly but I noticed three updates ago, maybe, it stopped working, the map on iMessage does not work anymore. It keeps loading forever. Please fix. I love this feature.


Constantly crashing on iPhone X. Fix asap


Amazing app!

Thank you

This app has been a total life saver in Stockholm. Just tell it where you want to go and you get great step by step instruction. 5/5 would rate again.


I discovered this app when I went on vacation to London last year and I was able to move through town like a native! Once I was back in New York I realized this made me better able to navigate my own city.

Best Transit App

I’m a New Yorker but happened upon this app in London. This made traveling around the London transit system much easier than trying to follow the maps. Back in New York it’s better than any other app I was previously using. It took years to figure out what part of the train to be on in order to get connections, etc. this app makes all that easy. Keep up the great work.

Often inaccurate

And it would let me set global preferences for mode of transportation.

A Traveler’s Best Friend

Proved indispensable during my trip in Singapore. Thanks, Citymapper!

Owe some!

It’s efficient, it’s fancy, it’s cool and it’s even free!

Hammer für Hongkong!

Immer tiptop orientiert. Alle ÖNPV Verbindungen, Wegbeschreibungen und Umgebungskarten auf dem Handy. Super App! Vielen Dank an die Entwickler!!!


This app saved us so much time & money while visiting Berlin & Amsterdam. I highly recommend it. It made navigating all forms & routes in a foreign country easy.

God send

This app is phenominal

Bug in NYC Maps

There’s a major bug in this latest version where the travel times are being doubled!! Please fix

Best transportation app!

Best app I’ve found for fun firing out public transportation. It’s so fast and accurate!

I am officially Wowed!!

Very easy to use and very detailed and thorough. Only a couple things to nitpick... For places like NYC driving times are in perfect conditions which is far from reality... So if you are using the roads leave plenty of fudge time. Last, I dont see any indication of a round trip option. Would be good to know for discounted ticket .


Please add the DENVER/BOULDER region.

Stagnated. Update notes are a turnoff.

The app is okay. It’s a toss up on whether I use this or Transit. UNFORTUNATELY, the “what’s new” notes that accompany app updates comprise bizarre, self indulgent rants that make it very difficult to discern what’s actually new about the app. The developers think they’re being funny; they’re not. If I have to work this hard to figure out what bug you fixed, I’ll just stick with Transit.

Invaluable while traveling!

I’ve been traveling throughout Europe for the past month and there is no single app that is more valuable than Citymapper. I would combine the usage of Google Trips + City Mapper and you’re a pro. You’ll find the key places and the ways to get there. FYI: Citymapper hasn’t mapped Munich yet. So I was a little lost there. Please do Munich! Great work @CM!

Great for Paris!

Discovered Apple Maps is lacking transit in Paris, after trying to use a few other apps, I landed on this one. It was a life saver. Used it strictly to get to and from all the points of interest in Paris. Until Apple Maps incorporates Paris, use this! Edit: I miss this back at home. Add Denver to your app soon!

Awsome. All in one.

Good stuff

Life changing

I don’t review often, but this was worth it. I’ve had a lot of “subway maps” apps and struggled through them. I always just end up at google maps and that’s always a nightmare as well. A friend showed me this and it absolutely changed my commute. It accounts for EVERYTHING and it’s constantly updated and accurate.


Best navigation app I’ve ever seen! Great interface, offline mode, easy to navigate, & detailed without looking cluttered. Def recommend!!!


On point & very reliable

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